We design and build

Catering and the world of food

In food furnishings, high standards, fast delivery times and clean assembly are required for READY TO USE environments

We use quality materials, we design and produce internally to create sartorial furnishings


The world of hotels and accommodation is very complex and requires first of all two values: robustness and ergonomics

We design the rooms in such a way as to add style and atmosphere, so that on holiday you feel in a comfortable and elegant place

Large spaces

The design of large environments such as the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange is very complex. You have to have an overview, but design down to the last detail

We organize the spaces and choose materials suitable for the furnishing and covering of large volumes, always maintaining a creative component

Over 2000 square meters of production

We have a production area of over 2000 square meters

We have a state-of-the-art system that includes automatic edge bander, 5-axis pantograph, horizontal panel saw and all the machinery for solid wood processing

We have an internal painting booth

But the last word is always for man. The hand, the sensitivity and above all the control that everything is finished as we imagined it

meet the needs with


We have high quality standards, making detail our strong point. We assemble the furniture on site to share with you the realization of the furniture.



We are a company with a strong team spirit

A group of professionals, always in close contact from design to assembly

We are in tune with you gathering all the information possible to develop a unique and tailored project

In the production phase you are always welcome and you can view your furniture at any time


We are open every day, from Monday to Friday, from 8:30 to 17:30

Tel: +39.011 996 9656

Email: info@cgfdesign.it